Kids Theme Tune Game…es/ Part One…s2/ Part Two

don't worry if you can't spell the title of the program, cos you can check your answers at tthe end.

please be honest with your scores

i got 10 correct in part 1

and 11 correct in part 2

also theres a strange google game too…er/ strange game


6 right on the first (would've been 7 but I remembered the second half of a name wrong)
11 from the second.

16 and 16... am i sad?

Oh my goodness! I got 4 and 6! I knew a good few more tunes but couldn't place them.

Worth it though for the memories, i was always too scared to watch trapdoor on Saturday mornings though, even though when I look back it was wicked LOL!

I LOVED Stoppit and Tidyup crazily when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, it was so strange! :giggle:

To Dave Smith: Maybe a little, you should have gone out to play more! :giggle:

11 in the first
6 in the second
Fwibble I love you for posting this so many memories ta muchly

Brilliant! Great Fun! :-D

I got 3 and 5! :oops:

Love that google game too! :thumbsup:

I know I'm a saddo!! ;-)

i only got 4 in first one and 7 in second
great memories

1st = 5
2nd = 9


Love that google game too! :thumbsup: I know I'm a saddo!! ;-)

What's the Google game? (That must make me a saddo too then :giggle: )
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