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    Hey everyone just looking for a little help/advice. It's my newphews 2nd birthday this week and i have got no idea what to get him. Looking to spend between 20 - 50 pounds.Any idea's what to get him?

    Many thanks


    well what does he like and whats he already got?

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    everything lol that's the problem. He likes in the night garden and thomas the tank engine.

    £50 on a 2 year old :?

    this is nice.
    if he likes in the night garden and thomas, why not a ninky nonk train?:)

    new duck bella ?

    My son is 2 tomorrow.... any builder type stuff, dress up, climbing toys, In the night Garden stuff, - really no need to spend £50! If you really want to be generous, buy him some premium bond as well.:thumbsup:


    new duck bella ?

    yup, this is my summer makeover...for now. Probably change it again when i get bored

    I would personally buy him a few bits adding up to £5-£10 and bank the rest for him. I know it sounds harsh but you will be more popular buying him 10 presents for 10 p each than one for £50! Megabloks is always a favourite as well as books and a little pack of buttons wrapped up. Aquadraws are very good, big sheet you put on the floor and use special water pens that leave no marks on anything, just the special sheet.. No worrying about scribbles on furniture or walls and they are really good fun as well as educational and the best thing is it folds up small and takes up little space so mum is not linkely to get fed up with kicking around the room and binning it! (Believe me us mums do it!) They have some good deals around for around £15 for them at the mo.
    Good luck!:p

    in the night garden merchandise

    A telescope always does the trick

    A telescope for a 2 year old? "Goo goo" "Mum ah" "Sola System"


    A telescope for a 2 year old? "Goo goo" "Mum ah" "Sola System"

    lol yep :thumbsup:

    You show a kid the night sky with a telescope they will be fascinated in astronomy for years - i still am

    get him some noisey toys. Or some Bob the builder Dvds (or whatever he likes)
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