kids ugg boots

Hi Anyone know where you can but genuine kids ugg boots? I found some in office today in town but nearly choked at £85 for a pair of boots for my toddler :w00t: thanks :thumbsup:


My sister has just been looking online for Ugg boots (adult sized though) and saw this site. If you want the Ugg brand that we know in the UK (as sold in office) I don't think these are them - read the print at the bottom. I believe that the Ugg brand stuff that we can buy over here are made in China.

My sister just purchased them from a US site (that I have used many times before to buy kids Disney Crocs before they were available in the UK) - hers worked out at $155 with international shipping so roughly about £77 - a saving of about £60.

The site we used is taylorshoes.com/ugg…htm - they do have some kids Uggs but probably not the ones you are looking for. However it might be worth e-mailing them as I have always found them to be very good at responding to queries - the colour my sister wanted was not available a few weeks ago so we e-mailed and they advised that they would be in this week (and already sold out in her size so good job she got in quick!) - so you might get lucky!

Hope that helps!

aaaww the kids ones are gorgeous...so cute!


Why do you need such expensive, and brand namedboots for a child?

Each to their own...whats that to do with anyone else;-)

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Thanks guys :thumbsup: I don't have to have that brand but I have felt the quality of real uggs and didn't want to risk ordering something online and the quality being rubbish!
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