Kill some time on this...…tml

    Then show us how far you have gone (Pic evidence if possible)


    i cant get past 4.2m

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    I cant get past 3 meters atm...

    Man. What's wrong with just using the left and right cursor keys like back in the old days of gaming? This constant push for realism sucks, imo.

    -0.5 meters. did some serious breakdancin'

    There's 5 mins of my life I'll never get back :w00t:

    My missus got 18 metres - shes whooping

    He runs like I do (not too well)

    WOW on the 18 mtrs!!!!!


    I wouldn't call it running though, more rocking, lol

    38.4 and still going - not the fastest 100m ever though!

    genius game!

    Original Poster

    God i suck at this!
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