Killed 16 Czechoslovaks and he's an interior decorator

    Christopher replies "His house looked like ****."

    I miss the Sopranos, so much


    missed it first time round-watched the entire boxset in about 3 weeks last year and loved it!

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    I've watched it through a couple of times.. I like plenty of other TV shows, just nothing has been as good as the Sopranos from start to finish. The ending was a masterpiece in my opinion.

    I'd watched it again, but it's only been 6 months since i last went through it.
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    Yeah I've gotta agree with you, nothing really comes close. Not sure how many times i've seen it + I've got the box set and still watching the re-runs on sky atlantic!

    Lol my fav Sopranos episodes ever, i love the bit at the start when Paulie gets jealous at the Russian guys TV remote, throws it on the floor then says" slipped "

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    lol forgot about that

    I like it when Tonys son is living with him, they have a fight over cereal or something and Tony throws it in the sink / bin.. "Look, now you've got nothing". I aspire to be that kind of parent.
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