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How awful :-(

The lack of respect for human life never fails to amaze me. Scares the hell out of me

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No matter what you do to keep out of trouble things like this can still happen.

im sure their parents are very proud :x

Yet another example of our world gone mad :-(

UK is getting worse and worse.

calm down dears, more serious things happening in life, terrible thing to happen, killed for a bike.

What a sad story...:-(


UK is getting worse and worse.

It's about time the "United Kingdoms" name was changed....

1) its obviously not a kingdom for now as we have a Queen.
2) there's nothing United in it anymore... Its all falling apart around our ear's..

I personally cant wait to get out of the country...
I wish i could go now and take my kids away somewhere a little less confrontational...

Every day the news has some story about a child being murdered or injured for the sake of stupid things...

Its distressing...

It wasnt long ago when I was a kid and went out at 8am to play with my mates and didnt show my face home til tea time...
No mobiles, Not an everyday threat from being attacked (Yes I do know it happened even way back then...but not as bad as today)
We didnt have 100's of tv channels, computers, games consoles, Dvds etc etc to keep us amused...
But even now how come kids hang around in the streets til late at night causing problems for others?...
We didnt do this...
Id have never considered scraping a key along someones car or deciding to beat a person to death because they have a bike...

What the hell has society done to itself?...
Im not proud to be English anymore...
In fact I am rather disgusted with this country....c rapping on its own doorsteps...

*rant over*

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