Killers - Dublin - Point Theatre

    Thought it was worth a try. Looking for 2 tickets for the 30th Nov 06.




    Is this any good to you:-

    I must be well old, cos I've never heard of the 'killers'

    Original Poster

    cheers dino. that was where i originally found out about the concert actually.
    Tried to get tickets 9am this morning with no luck.
    So thought it was worth a post in here. You never know. Ebay ALREADY !! prices
    for the tickets are just too much.. by the way... they are rock'n'roll with a bit of
    indie to them.... there album 'hot fuss' is very good in my opinion. Each to there
    own though. But id recommend a listen. There new albums out beginning on october.


    Is this any good to … Is this any good to you:-] must be well old, cos I've never heard of the 'killers'

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