Killzone 2 Demo This Week!

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Found 3rd Feb 2009
One of the most anticpated video games of the year, the PS3 exclusive hits European gamers exclusivley this Thursday.


dont believe you, any link or referance.?


dont believe you, any link or referance.?

Yep, where did you get this info?

I would prob expect a demo or the beta to be on the network soon like resident evil 5, that now on the euro xbox live.



Legend m8. Thanks for claify. I know what I am doing thursday

Theres going to be a demo put on the PSN on the 5th I believe.

The demo will feature sections from the first level of the game, 'Corinth River'. These two sections - 'Beach Landing' and 'Warehouse' - are taken from the tutorial sections of the main game. But you wont find anything on the ps3 official website as there usually 10 days behind!!

I pre-ordered mine yesterday through amazon for 30 pounds inc. delivery and posted it on here, only for it to go cold as you can get it a quid cheaper @ shopto and the 360 fanboys were out in force!

As the reviews go its all good, especially in multi player.
see you online on the 27th!:thumbsup:



REP for link (thanks)
and thanks to post'er will get this downloaded, sweet

This was confirmed at Eurogamer yesterday as well -


BTW: This is not a deal - should be posted in misc..............

Moved to Misc.


looking forward to this. conveniently happen to have the day off tomorrow too :thumbsup:


just checked and no sign of it


looks like we have to wait until 5pm



So is it coming later?Cause I just looked and no sign of it.

read the thread lol :whistling:

NO!!! not 5pm! :cry: :viking:

Roll on 5pm...!



NO!!! not 5pm! :cry: :viking:

apparently that is when EU PSN gets updated :x

downloading 2%...:-D

The demo is amazing. Played it a few times already Cannot wait to get my hands on it.

downloading now. oooh cant wait

Indeed the demo is very good. Very short, but very good.

They seem to have the 'weight' of the character spot on, COD etc always seem to be far too quick and nimble for my liking.


35% downloaded

will download in a min, i loved the first game.
Felt really epic. And the reloading animations were soooooo cool!


35% downloaded

It took me from 4:58pm until 10:38pm yesterday to download it (but I was sharing the line with all the US PS3 owners who set-up a European PlayStation Network Account for the very purpose of getting their hands on it first).

Good luck.


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