Killzone 2 - spend £17 to get a £25 off at HMV

    I think this belongs in this section?

    Not really a big deal, but might help some people.

    HMV is currently doing a promotion for Killzone 2 where if you trade in one of four games (Don't remember what exactly - just remember that COD:WOW and Tom Clancy: End War were on it).

    Thing is, you can easily get TC:EW from Game or other retailers for about 17 quid (don't forget TopCashBack - I abhor quidco but to each his own eh?). So kinda saving 8 quid if you really want the game now and not wait for the price to go down. Heh.

    Or if you already have TC:EW, then it'll be a better deal methinks? Since I don't reckon it can fetch that high a price anymore considering how long the game's been in the market.

    I'm prepared to be corrected though. Just posting incase this might be of help to anyone. Feel free to move this thread to wherever it might be of help.

    ps: Bash me or love me for this deal, I really don't care. Just trying to give back to the community that's helped me.

    pps: This is for the ps3 btw. Not too sure if it's also available for the 360

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    No it's not, it's a PS3 exclusive title :thumbsup:
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