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Bought killzone 3 lastweek but not had much of a chance to play but has anyone got it and playing it with the navigation and move controllers?
Thats how i am planning to do but as mentioned only had a quick shot but found it hard controlling with them especially to look around you use the move controller where as i would much prefer just to use the navigation for moving and looking around with and the move just for shooting, is this possible?
The other one was hiding at a wall, u hold a button on the move controller which i thinks daft as its kind of hard when your holding the navigation in the other hand.

If theres anyone that has this and knows if there is a way to change it then let me know, cheers.


if you can afford it i would definitely recommend buying a sharpshooter but only the sharpshooter not the cheaper rip offs.


if you can afford it i would definitely recommend buying a sharpshooter … if you can afford it i would definitely recommend buying a sharpshooter but only the sharpshooter not the cheaper rip offs.

Bought the sharpshooter yesterday, not really had a chance to play for long but did find it a little strange to get used to. Do you think you could play competitively online with it against ppl with control pad? Does using it become second nature after some practice?
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Hello grant20,

I apologise if I've misunderstood you but (based on playing the open beta) if you go to the control settings you can change the controls to have L2 on the nav controller to look down the weapon's sight and the Move's trigger button to shoot - I don't think there's a way to have the navigation controller being used to look around as essentially the Move controller replaces the Right analogue stick used to aim.

As the cover system is only for the Single Player mode I recall reading that using cover is the same button as crouching, the big Move button - if it is I don't understand as to how it's different as you should be able to cover the button with your thumb and not needing to use the hand holding the navigation controller.

Is this not the case?

Again I'm basing this information from what I recall reading and from the Open Beta, hopefully someone who actually owns a retail copy of the game can provide better info.

May I suggest checking out these following videos - the creator gives a comprehensive use of the Move controls both in the Single Player and in Multiplayer including a detailed look into the settings.

Be aware that in being comprehensive these videos are significantly lengthy.…tml…pNo

Like anything new (with or without the Sharpshooter) there is that initial time required to get use to a different control scheme - I found that after investing the time in tweaking the controls to my preference and play style I enjoyed using the Playstation Move on KZ3's Open MP Beta whilst being just as effective (I think) to fellow players who were playing with the Dualshock 3.

I hope this information helped and you enjoy the game with or without the Playstation Move.

Happy gaming,
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