Kind of random, but making conversation, Does anyone recycle everything possible? or do you just 4get about it?

    Do you?
    Just wondering

    And do you have a fort-nightly collection or a weekly?

    We have a weekly!


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    I usually burn paper related rubbish (unwanted mail etc) in my fire... … I usually burn paper related rubbish (unwanted mail etc) in my fire... further adding to global warming.Let's face it.. it's frickin cold here and I want some global warming!


    we have alternate bin collections,one week recycle bins,next week household rubbish,I do recycle as much as possible and end up at the bottle banks,clothes banks,carrier bag disposals etc quite often

    every lil helps our planet

    I recycle what i can, dont have a garden to compost waste but if i did i would. My collection is fortnightly

    Green bin, blue bin..............................whats the odds that it all ends up in the same landfill:?

    Do recycling,got 1 single box,they can collect newspapers ( I only shove in the free ones cos don't buy usually ) tins and cans,clean tin foil,and glass.
    I don't chuck clothes out,cos I either keep for another child if I really liked an outfit,or I sell on eBay or charity shop it.

    They collect the box every 2 wks.

    I hope they expand more on the kerbside collections,and add more items that could recycled to thier inventory.

    I like them to recycle like garden waste,I'm sure some households in district have these bags that garden waste go in.

    I recycle carrier bags too,when I get my online shop,I give most of the carrier bags back if I can,cos Tesco give out clubcard pts,I've tried having a bagless shop but too much chaos.
    I reuse carrier bags when I go out shopping and I also give some carrier bags to shops that request for them to be handed in.

    We recycle everything possible. We have weekly collections (fortnightly bins though) of paper, tin and glass. Plus we take cardboard and plastic bottles to a local recycling facility. Anything that can be reused (and is in good condition) is given to the charity shop. Metal/wood etc is taken to the local tip where it is recycled (if put into the correct areas, which we do). We also have a compost bin for any peelings etc and garden cuttings. Food is all eaten, we dont waste food.

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    Sounds like almost everyone recycles which means we do listen

    Oh yeh I use my cardboard for lining the rabbit hutch before sticking the straw in.


    Sounds like almost everyone recycles which means we do listen

    Nothing to do with global warming and all of that nonsense, just that if we dont start recycling the landfills are going to get full. Thats why we recycle, plus it has really cut down on our rubbish, and if we didnt then I doubt we would be able to shut the wheelie bin after 2 weeks! (We have been recycling for a long time though, long before wheelie bins)

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    I think we need bigger bins! Its a disgrace what the council wont do!

    Household bin collected everyweek
    Green garden waste & recyclables alternate weeks.

    I make my own fabric bags, & give out to random strangers in shops- Social Guerilla Bagging! (see [url][/url])

    I also run a local freecycle - type group just for kids stuff (…am/)

    Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

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    Great Idea :thumbsup:

    Oh, yeah.... I shread any sensitive papers for bedding for my chickens!:w00t:

    We have the following in our area per house;
    Green bin for household rubbish
    Brown bin for garden waste
    Plastic box for glass and cardboard
    Plastic box for paper
    Plastic bag for plastic
    All collected fortnightly

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    We only get
    Clear Bags for Tins etc.
    Purple Bags For Paper etc.
    And A Wheelie Bin!
    Not Alot!

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    Where abouts do all of you live then?

    We have a fortnightly collection for garden waste, which we have to pay the pricely sum of £35, our other two bins are fortnightly too, I must admit prior to this, we didn't do much recycling and therfore we had to wise up.

    Now we have two large compost bins in the garden for household peeling etc, a chicken who consumes some food waste (she's partial to heinz beans) thus reducing our waste on a big scale.

    As much as I hated going onto the fortnightly bin collections, it has made us think differently and I guess in our way it cuts down on our carbon footprint, at the end of the day it is our children's children who will inherit the planet and our landfill sites.

    I am now getting of my soapbox............

    We have:

    1x 240 litre residual waste bin uplifted fortnightly (larger 360litre bins are available for larger families)
    1x240 litre brown garden waste bin - uplifted fortnightly on alternate weeks to residual bin (you can have more bins for garden waste if required)
    1x40litre box for paper & card (including tetrapaks, more boxes available if required)
    1x40litre box for glass & cans (separated at kerbside, more boxes available if required)

    We have skips at recycling centres accross the county which has banks/skips for absolutely everything (plastic bottles, clothes, white goods, rubble)

    We're currently sitting at about a 53% recycling rate :-D I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to rake through the bins :roll:

    we have a normal weekly wheelie bin collection for rubbish, and a monthly collection for the recycling green wheelie bin and glass box. i also have a compost bin for veg & fruit peelings, egg shells and teabags, and 2 cats for scraps of chicken/lamb/beef/pork/fish.

    At home I re-cycle all my paper and card, but must admit I dont do bottles and plastics which is bad.

    At work I have been pestering them for 4 years to recycle their paper as they go through reams and reams of it, but they wont do it. So I have brought in a big bin and labelled it for recycling only and now I make a trip to the tip with it once a week.
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