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Found 6th May
Help needed please.

I want to delete books that are stored on my kindle cloud. The books were not bought from Amazon, they were emailed .mobi files.

I have had a kindle since launch and have lots of cloud books. Recently i got a new kindle and I am struggling with books and syncing caused by duplication/multiple copies of the same title in the cloud. As the books were not purchased from Amazon i can't seem to delete them within my Amazon account? Any help would be really appreciated.

The ideal would be a guide to delete but failing that a way to create a folder within the "cloud where I could put duplicates or no longer needed books.


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Select 'Docs' from the drop down in the top left, and click the ellipsis in the actions column to delete the files individually OR click the checkbox to the left and hit the big yellow delete button at the top to remove them in bulk.

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Unfortunately non purchased books don't appear there to be able to delete.

They should be there under docs (not 'books').

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Thank you for this. Mine got very messy after many years.
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