kindle - delete ALL highlights (help argh!)

Found 5th Dec 2015

I tend to make quite a few highlights on the Amazon kindle app when reading, and now I have gone to delete them all and the only options I can find are to delete them one by one! That will take forever but I can't stand them staying there and I want to highlight in future.

Any ideas? using the Amazon kindle app on an android nexus 7

Thanks in advance
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Does this help, I have never used highlights but hope this may assist. The solution is an Amazon link near the bottom of the page
removing notes and highlights
I appreciate the help, but I found that same link a little while ago (thinking it would sort it) but again, when I logged into the Amazon kindle site they had to be deleted one by one.

I tried using a file manager program of the play store encase a file could be deleted that wiped the highlights but didn't find anything.

Can it be done within calibre e book manager?
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