kindle fire keyboard, when i try to enter special characters e.g. * into a login in screen the password is never accepted?

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Found 2nd Jan 2015
when if I hold on a word to copy it, the special character does not get copied to clipboard?


I'm guessing the login is with a site where you have already registered? I have found symbols like * are not accepted within a password on some sites. I stick with passwords like A5cvg3DdddW. I use a free cross platform program called keepass to create and save passwords. The little file created containing your encrypted passwords can be opened on phones, tablets and pc and it will copy to clip board to allow for pasting. Also a space can be put into the end of a pasted password sometimes which will cause a rejection so watch for that. Also some sites won't alow cut and pasted passwords. Hope you sort out your problem.

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thx for reply, I can log into these sites on my laptop, the kindle won't?

could be a problem with them showing you a mobile-optimised site on your kindle which is coded badly. for instance, the password field only accepts a limited set of characters on the mobile site but accepts the full range on desktop.

this would be easy to try; just request the desktop site from your kindle and see if the problem exists. assuming you can do that from the kindle browser.
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