Found 3rd Jan 2011
I've gave in and finally ordered a Kindle which should arrive soon.
I was just wondering can I download books to my pc in advance and how?
I've seen a few I'd like and theres no way to add them to basket as I normally would to go back to them later.
I've never had an e-reader before so this is all new to me.
Also are there any regular posts for bargain/free amazon books I can subscribe to?
Any tips appreciated.


I personally would download the pc/mac kindle program…860 and then buy any books I wanted choosing the destination as my pc/mac. When you get your kindle, and sign in with the same amazon login all your purchased books should be in your archive and ready to download. However, there may be a simpler way than this!

Re free books - if you go to this website…php, on the top right you can add your email address...they send you emails each time books are listed as free for the kindle. You can also use the site to search the books that are currently free (it only sends you emails listing books that have just become free, not ones that are already free). I've got a few good free titles from this.

Enjoy your new kindle!


Go to the Amazon kindle page and download kindle for PC, you can then buy books which can be read either on your PC or Kindle when it arrives


Put your email address in the box top right corner that says "get notified when free titles are added"

further down the page you can search for free titles. the emails come about once every few days and have any NEW free kindle titles.

Original Poster

Thank you for all your help and taking the time to reply.
I'm just going to download Kindle for the PC .Thanks for the links for the free titles.x
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