Posted 22nd Jan 2023 (Posted 9 h, 48 m ago)
I wanting to buy my first Kindle Reader and decided on the Paperwhite, Amazon don’t appear to have any stock until March, but Argos does and it appears to be the 2022 device ie the same one Amazon are selling, why would they not have stock of their own product but Argos does? With Argos I can order it and get it tomorrow..
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    Could it not be that people go to Amazon first so they are out of stock whereas Argos have been carrying it for a while.

    I know we bought ours from Amazon just before Xmas as it’s one of the items that are always appearing at reduced prices
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    If you are set on a Paperwhite, wait until it is on sale, which is every few months. The camels can tell you the price pattern on Amazon; the price usually drops 20-25%.

    Secondly, get the Paperwhite Kids version. For around £10 more, you get a cover, an extra year's warranty and no ads. Plus a year's subscription to Kindle Unlimited for children (please switch off the the auto renewal as soon as you get it). It is the exact same hardware as the regular Paperwhite and it takes just a minute or two to disable the Kids switch from the Settings menu. You can validate this from any expired Paperwhite deals (the ones I remember are from Christmas 2021).