Kinect sensor on top or below TV??

    Mine is due to be delivered tomorrow but I am just wondering what existing users do with their sensors and whether it actually makes a difference having it above or below the TV.


    mines below, works fine

    It tilts to adjust so I doubt it's gonna matter although if you have a coffee table that will have to be out of the way so it can see ya feet I think.

    got mine on top works fine, might be a bit too high, but I am a lanky ****

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    I was just wondering if it makes a difference, I realised that the sensor moves and we would move the coffee table out of the way. I'm not happy about shelling out even more money to buy something to secure it above the TV!


    it has a long lead mine is in the centre of my side board below my plasma and can obviously move it forward if needed,

    Did move my sofa out of the way to give a few extra feet for the two player in kinect sports and it was excellent ..

    I thought about placing the sensor above the plasma, as it says it can be 6ft up but mine is fine ..

    I put mine on the top (with blu tack on bottom, to hold it in place-it already fell off once, wasn't gonna have that happen again!) mainly due to it being futher back, don't have enough space for 2 players even then!
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