King size mattress help needed!

Found 10th Sep 2017
I've been tasked with buying a king size mattress, but unfortunately I've got no idea what I'm looking for! I don't know what's a bargain and where to look. The budget is about 200 and so far I've noticed Argos is quite expensive and groupon maybe ok?
Please help!
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Groupon tend to have a lot of nobody brands with ridiculously over inflated rrps to trick you into thinking you've got a bargain

What kind are you looking for?
Sprung, memory foam, both?
Both would be best. I did think that about groupon tbf. Couldn't find anywhere else selling the mattresses for example. Ikea any good?
We bought ours from Ikea, they have i think a 3 month guarantee that if you don't like it (like it hurts your back) they will take it back. Our one is fantastic, but i think we spent a bit more than £200.
We got our king from Ikea the kids got the singles. Good comfy mattress. And they do 25 year guarantee. Check them out. If your local to an Ikea store go and check them out plus now they roll them flat so easy to carry and put in the car...

Be warned stand well back when you open them we pop a hold in and then run... got smacked across the room 1st time round
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