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    hi HotUK ppl
    can ya help me find an awesome mattress. im quite a big heavy guy. need something strong thats not guna fall apart after 5+ years of abuse. not too soft not too hard lol juuuust right ^^ ive got a low bed too so if its quite tall thatl be good. and of course the cheaper the better! ^^
    thx for in advance for any replys

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    It's not a mattress you need....


    In my opinion mattress shopping = a nightmare!!!!!

    My 22 yr old son wanted a new mattress last month and I was left to find him the best mattress I could, what a nightmare. There are so many different types, within each type so many different variants, within each variant so many different prices, my head was like a cabbage by it all. Ended up getting him a pocket sprung mattress with memory foam top layer...needless to say he doesn't like it......argh...says he will buy it himself next time, hallelujah.....

    Very good luck to you.


    If you have the budget a tempur mattress, I'm a big guy and it's the only mattress that has lasted and I have found comfortable, however there pretty pricey,


    Not to soft not too hard?? What exactly do you mean . We are not talking about bricks and tissue are we

    A mattress is not something you can recommend for someone else. As people have mentioned there are so may different types. You need to go to a mattress shop and try out the different levels of firmness then you can have a look on line. The last mattress we had, we downgraded from our £800 Sealy Pocket Sprung Mattress to this…ECA

    At first i thought it was a bit firm but that was because it was 2/3 levels firmer than our last mattress. After a few days i would say it is as comfy as out previous mattress.

    Mattresses are MASSIVELY down to personal preference

    Original Poster

    lol at the comments thx, I ended up buying a 2000 POCKET SPRUNG MED-FIRM for £200 o_o FML it its crap

    I thought this was a joke what with the jovial lol and use of word abuse...

    I can heartily recommend Hypnos beds (there's a factory shop on ebay, Crendon Furniture Outlet: I'm in no way affiliated with them)!

    Apparently used in Premier Inns (not perhaps the best recommendation) and other hotel chains. I have the Lansdowne Cashmere bed (one of Hypnos' contract beds) and it's wonderfully comfortable. Most beds have a ten year guarantee. They have a Facebook page too.

    Hypnos do a residential range as well as hospitality trade beds.

    Crendon Outlet sell mattresses, divans (with or without drawers, sprung edge or platform top), or bed frames with mattresses in their stores.
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