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Posted 1st Dec 2012
Just wondering if anyone has any dealings with Kingdom Appliances, am looking to purchase an ex display cooker, which states no obvious signs of damage, and am struggling to find any definitive reviews.
Many thanks
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Sorry to put a downer on things but the only and only review I found is;


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Written on: 26/11/2012
“Avoid like the plague”

Bought double oven from these guys. Had it installed only to find bottom of unit was damaged and the jarred metal scratched my units on installation. Then found fan in the main oven was not working. KoA suggest i call an engineer to sort the problem saying more than 30 days have past. The oven was bought new, sold as graded, yet the faults were not advertised and the price was only a few pounds less than the normal price. Being told to call an engineer is not what you expect when you buy...
Oh another one from Anonymous;


Written on: 02/08/2012
“Appauling levels of customer service and limited...”

Appauling levels of customer service and limited product knowledge - purchased an item not as described over the phone, will cost more to correct than is worth while - avoid being ripped off, will also refer matters to trading standards.


Written on: 29/06/2012
Review of Kingdom Appliances


I spent approx £2500 on 4 appliances. Delivered 5 weeks before being fitted as fitter was delayed.

a) On fitting 1 item has a part missing used to fit the door on with. Kingdom Appliances response is that their T&Cs state that non essential parts may not be included even though the item was sold as Ex Display, Excellent Condition. Minor cosmetic damage on panels which wont be seen when fitted.

b) One appliance is broken with a temperature dial falling off at the slightest touch. Kingdom Appliances response is that I need to go to the manufacturer's waranttee as I am outside the 28 days they are bothered about.

The prices are good for the appliances but I am now looking at having to get these repaired which is going to cost loads more than I saved on all 4 appliances.

I have given them every chance to rectify the issue but they are simply not interested. They have their cash and that's as far as they will go. I am considering legal action as items are not fit for purpose.

My advise, don't, by from a reputable seller. You can't even leave feedback on their site as it 'has to be checked by an admin first'. Obviously very worried about feedback that may be left. In all, if you are happy to by something with bits missing or just not working then Kingdom Appliances is perfect for you. My experience tells me to buy somewhere else.

I will update the post soon.
Doesn't look too good then
Oh well - price was a steal - but not worth it if I am going to have more hassle than its worth
Hi all, I rang Kingdom Appliances to enquire about a product on their website. Price was fantastic, delivery price excellent and collection of old one was most reasonable. But they only deliver to the ground floor, 1 person driver. Got to get appliance up stairs. And then I saw this review, and I have decided not to buy after all - too much of a risk.

So thanks everyone for posting your comments.
Hi, I been looking at these guys myself. The prices were too good for me to totally discount so I called them up and spoke to them regards the reviews and what I read here. They changed my mind without any doubt. Check out their feedback on ebay, they have over 10000 positive on just selling appliances (thats even more than Currys). Im sorry but 10000 happy customers are more convincing to me than the negatives that account to less than the amount of fingers on my hand! Read the reviews for yourself below and give them a try. This company is the best find I have had in a long time.

Kingdom appliances ebay feedback

More kingdom appliances ebay reviews here

Even more kingdom appliances review on their other account

Bargainsgaloree you fraud,
Same employee or owner doing the rounds on the review websites. 5 stars my donkey knog.
I'm just about to purchase but an appliance speak up. Why would a legit company talk splash n tripe across the web. Do they really want to come across as thieving fools and horses?

Apologise you swizzle sticks, mainly for your ignorance, lack of clarity and lack of training. Bet your employees just love you for not training them.

Jazz1972: have you purchased from them? Can you tell us your experience?

I took a risk and ordered a graded cooker from Kingdom appliances, got my delivery from Kingdom Appliances yesterday. Just searching google to leave them feedback when I came across this, if I say their ebay feedback I would not have thought I be taking a risk buying from them. I could not fault the company the cooker was described as having scuff to sides but they were really not that noticeable. They do have decent feedback on review centre website too.

Similar experience to others, ordered an item, it wasn't as described (broken & clearly used). Once they have your money, they couldn't care less - they leave you with no option but to get it fixed under the warranty. I spoke to CAB, they made a complaint to Trading Standards on my behalf - yes, this company really are that bad. I will be pursuing them through the small claims court as advised.

Please can anyone with similar experiences post here?

And seriously, bargainsgaloreee et al, do you really think people are that stupid not to see through you?
well thats put me off , was looking at an oven , to buy from them.
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