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Found 25th Nov 2009
I redeemed some supercheques i had received from work quite some time ago. Bakc then i had requested them for B&Q and when i got them they were in a form of kingfisher gift voucher which also mean i could use them at Woolworths and comet. Now is has been quite a while i had used some when i got them but i had around £100 pounds left at the time n thought best leave them for summat else. I cam to use them aslt weke at B&Q who informed me that they were part of another company who had gone bust same time as Woolworths therefore they were useless!
The assistant at B&Q had said there may be a way to get something back but not sure how! can anyone help or had the same problem with these vouchers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Kingfisher are still going and still own B&Q so not sure what their … Kingfisher are still going and still own B&Q so not sure what their problem is]www.kingfisher.co.uk

B&Q and Comet stop accepting Kingfisher Gift Vouchers 2008-12-18] … B&Q and Comet stop accepting Kingfisher Gift Vouchers 2008-12-18] B&Q and Comet will no longer accept Kingfisher Gift Vouchers after the voucher company temporarily suspended trading following the collapse of Woolworths. Woolworths itself is currently the only retailer accepting the vouchers, largely issued to employees through workplace incentive programmes. The vouchers are issued by Flogistics a wholly-owned subsidiary of Woolworths Group Plc. A spokesman for Comet said: “In light of recent developments regarding Woolworths, Comet is currently not accepting Kingfisher Gift Vouchers as the voucher scheme is run by the Woolworths business.” A B&Q spokesman said: "While Woolworths plc is in administration B&Q is no longer accepting a specific type of multi retailer gift voucher, which was sold by a company that is ultimately owned by Woolworths Group Plc. The vouchers being suspended are primarily sold to large corporations for incentive programmes and we are advising anyone in possession of such vouchers to return them to the company who issued them."

I'd write to them:

Kingfisher Gift Vouchers

The Gift Voucher Centre PO Box 141
OL11 3DZ
hmmm... after reading the other forums i doubt gettin anythin back is a very long shot! thanks very much for ur advice tho guys much aprrediated :-)
DO NOT............ send the vouchers to any address. I did the same with my kingfisher voucher. In the end, all i got was a rubbish letter explaining woolworths had gone down!!! ............. even comet/B &Q hasn't................. They had the bloody cheek to keep the voucher!!!!.............. Luckily it was only £5, plus 1st class stamp. So keep your vouchers and sell them on ebay in 50years time.........:whistling:
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