Kingspan deals/offers pls

Posted 30th Jan
Hello again!

I'm still having heating issues in the new house. Now, I've decided to buy a shed load of Kingspan or similar.

155mm think, metal foil bonded, or multiple layers of thinner boards.

Does anyone have advice on suppliers?
I need lots, so looking for great pricing.

Or discount codes etc?
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It's surprisingly expensive for what it is
39803528-ZzFMH.jpg2400 X 1200 X 100mm 'Iko Enertherm' is on offer at Selco during January.. (30% off) still £39 a sheet mind...
The 150mm thick is NOT on offer it's £77.99 a sheet!
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You can normally buy Seconds on eBay which are slightly damaged, twisted.

All depends where in the country you are.
Look on Gumtree, local to you. In the North East 100mm sheets go for £36 and currently have some 150 sheets for £37.

Make sure you understand how to install it properly as with inadequate ventilation it's very easy to create future condensation problems.
Thanks all
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