Does anyone want these?. i have 19 in total. dont want anything for them apart from postage?. Not sure if they would be off any use to anyone?


    Not sure if they would be off any use to anyone?

    Not likely, I bin loads of them every few weeks.

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    You could throw some my way if they are the adapters than turn a microSD into a full SD card.

    Let me know - I have a bit of cash in Paypal to cover postage.

    Thanks, markluk

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    [IMG]http://Image and video hosting by TinyPic[/IMG]

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    im trying to post a pic to show them, cant remember how to do it. im using that tiny pic…jpg

    The one on the right?

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    thats the one. worked out how to put link on for pic now.

    Yep they are the ones that would be useful to be - have some cards from mobiles phones to reuse.

    Please name your price etc


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    how many do you want? ill let you know postage when ive posted them. i should think a50p will cover a few? not sure to be honest.

    I am fine to cover whatever postage it costs - are you ok for Paypal payment?

    I will private message you with my address - thanks

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    yes you can have 5 send me youre address will post them later today.

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    all gone now, will expire. thanks.
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