Kingston Micro SD card Problems with formatting driving me crazy. Please give me advice someone.

Found 18th Mar 2012
Ok I have kingston 8gb memory cards which i have been transferring roms onto from my laptop. I've been doing this for a while and never had any issues. I have recently experienced alot of problems with the cards. They are 8gb cards. I know i'm doing nothing wrong as ive not changed any way in which i transferred data onto them. Someone told me to format the card first which i have been doing and still nothing works.

Here's the bit that drives me mental. I firstly format the card to FAT32 (default) then transfer roms to the memory card 7gb in total which takes approx 22 mins. After this is done i can not view the data on the memory card. It does not read anything in the device. So, when i put the micro sd card into the adaptor and back into the computer, it says you need to format the disc in drive f before you can use it. It gives me no option but to format it again which deletes all the data. So, once formatted i put the stuff onto it again and it doesnt work so i put it back into computer and get the same stupid microsoft windows message!

Is there something wrong with the memory cards? It's worth mentioning that this has happened to 4 or 5 cards.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I had the same probs with a 16gb Corsair GT flash drive. 3 weeks later ti went completely and i had to warranty it for replacement.

Maybe they are on their way out.
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So what are these mysterious "devices" that you need to tranfer so many ROMs for ?
Use this tool, untick the quick format tool, use fat32.

But, if its happened to 4-5 cards most likely its the adaptor, get it changed.
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