kips u gone bed?

    its nearly 2.30am.....have u gone?



    im in bed lol. on laptop. what u duin up so late??

    who even goes to bed

    well actually me in a minute lol i needs sleeps for uber postings later!

    Original Poster

    i have been meaning to go bed for hours now!!! wat u doing up yooooooo

    back from the ban?

    lmao what ban.

    was it aimed @ YOO?

    ok must go to bed. got held up by emasu and ryanancs lol.

    MUST MUST MUST (chant) -- discipline. need to be awake tomorrow for some ideas/brainstorm.

    ok nite nite everyone!

    i really need to go to bed.. but i think my mouse will die on me first lol

    night kippy

    Original Poster

    no kips no!!

    I must go also.. goodnight

    Original Poster

    damn emasu u gone bed..... i think that means i gots to as well!

    Original Poster

    went bed... then woke up again....

    need to go an idiot


    See, I put all that time to good use.

    night all

    Morning all

    Good Morning


    good morning all . . b..... raining ... :cry:

    I don't belllllllieve it ! :w00t:


    good morning all . . … good morning all . . b..... raining ... :cry: I don't belllllllieve it ! :w00t:

    morning. lovely sunny day here xx

    looks like emasu,magicbeans and kippy wont be here until after noon

    morning people.
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