Posted 22 May 2023

Kiss tickets 2 for 1

Does anybody know the Ticketmaster 2 for 1 code for Kiss tickets at Glasgow?
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  1. ibird22's avatar
    This code works .. ENDOFROAD7592X
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    This worked for me. Thanks
  2. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    I saw these guys in Southampton in 1984, when we still had a venue worth going to. While waiting to get a book signed, someone in the queue mentioned they couldn't go to Maiden at the same venue, about 4 days apart. Suffice to say I bought that ticket.
    It 3 days after the last concert before my ears settled down. Still got the autographed book.
  3. ibird22's avatar
    It's been annoying me why I can't find the code either for Glasgow - I thought it was summer2023 but a no go. If you find out please let me know
    AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    A Kiss forum says Glasgow code is: 241

    I've just tried and it seems to work!
  4. AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    They've just cancelled the Plymouth concert due to "logistical problems". What that really means is lack of ticket sales. I hope they are not planning to cancel any others. Unlikely as you can still buy full price tickets for Glasgow but it does seem a bit odd.

    Hopefully just a temporary issue, keep trying (maybe contact Ticketmaster) and hope you get the 2for1 tickets soon. Pity I paid full price..................
  5. ibird22's avatar
    Wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the whole UK tour when you look at the seats left. Too greedy and should have been at the 50% value from the start and wouldn’t have been an issue filling it.
    Tried the 241 code again for Glasgow and a no go but tried for Newcastle and worked straight away. Must be a glitch so have raised a issue with Ticketmaster and see what they say.
    AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    I think the rest will go ahead but time will tell. They have been greedy with ticket prices and many simply can't afford it at present.

    And I doubt if they'll discount the "Final 50 Shows" merchandise now there are only 49 after the Plymouth cancellation 🤑
  6. AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    I'm not sure there is a code as such, when you click the link in their offer email if automatically quotes the lower price. I'm going to Birmingham and I got the 2-4-1 email offer the same day my full price tickets arrived. As it's Ticket Factory they only do tickets for the NEC, so sadly no option to select Glasgow.

    Maybe go on a Kiss forum and see if someone has a similar email link for Glasgow they could share? Good luck!

    Edit: Just noticed Glasgow does require a code, unlike Birmingham....... (edited)
  7. calenture's avatar
    Yeah.. the 241 code seems to work but I get an error when trying to purchase
  8. ibird22's avatar
    Yeah works until you get to checkout and get an error!
  9. calenture's avatar
    Is there any other working code or is it just blocking them all?
  10. calenture's avatar
    Hmm I don't even see a 2 for 1 offer on the Newcastle one?
  11. Southy007's avatar
    It is strange, never letting tickets get added to the basket after accepting the code. Stranger still is for Manchester, the available seats change every day, full blocks are available one day, then every other row is showing as booked another day. Still a lot of empty seats.
    But If anyone knows how to buy 241 for the Manchester show, let me know, thanks
  12. calenture's avatar
    Thanks guys
  13. maisie.smit's avatar
    Anyone know any codes for the 2/4-1 tickets in Manchester please??
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