Kit Kash wooo hooo

    I've done it ive finally beat all the professional bidders on Kitkash and won something. Ok its not the best. this is what i got! (But at end of day at least i now know my points wont go to waste this year as won something)

    Hello Lynsey

    Congratulations! You have just won a KitKash auction!
    Here is what you have won:

    Item Name: Rumour Has It... Merchandise

    Winning Bid: 5700 KitKash points

    Description of item:

    Jennifer Aniston plays a woman who learns that her family was the inspiration for the book and film "The Graduate" and that she just might be the offspring of the well-documented event.


    Wicked well done

    Original Poster

    And ive won again! woooo hooo
    Hello Lynsey Ward

    Congratulations! You have just won a KitKash auction!
    Here is what you have won:

    Auction ID: 187193

    Item Name: Arran Aromatics Happy Birthday Expression Set

    Winning Bid: 8700 KitKash points

    Description of item: Send many happy returns with a difference.

    Terms & Conditions

    Your prize will be sent to you within 28 days. To ensure delivery is made on time please check you have provided a correct and complete postal address including your full name and postcode. The delivery of your prize will be delayed if you do not provide the correct information. If you need to check or amend your address please log on to your KitKash account and click on 'Edit My Profile'.

    Please make sure that the contact details we have for you are correct as many Items are sent directly to you by our partners using the address you supplied when registering.

    You can do this by going to [url][/url]. Log in and go to "My Account" and "Edit My Profile".

    Please complete your address details within 24 hours of receiving this email.

    Once again Congratulations on your win from everyone at The KitKash Team

    Have you been eating loads of kitkats recently?

    Original Poster

    Not really, got the free codes and have bought enough kit kats to give me 1500 points have has the odd packet of fruit pastels and my husband is in the marines and he finds quite a few wrappers in the naffi ;-)
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