Kit Kat Chunky Caramel...........

    Theyre rubbish !!! Bring back the Peanut butter !


    Did they stop the peanut butter 'cus I never tried them

    Pls don't tell me they stopped the peanut butter ones. They were lush!!!!

    Best Kit Kat is Kit Kat Hazelnut - you can not get these in the UK btw.…jpg

    Didn't they stop the peanut butter ones due to some additive becoming banned in the EU?

    OMG nooo! peanut butter one is actually amazing! I used to eat it with a nice hot cup of coffee!

    The billboard adverts for those really tickle me for some reason. "Kit-kat chunky just got funky" lol

    White KitKat Chunky and Orange KitKat Chunky please

    kit kat caramel FTW:p

    Kit Kat chunky caramel - awsome.
    Kit Kat caramel (standard 2 finger one) - not as awsome.
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