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Found 2nd Jul 2006
Do you guys know of anywhere that's doing good deals on kitchen appliances? (apart from the obvious Comet, Curry's etc?)

Looking for frige and freezer (both seperates) tumble dryer and slimline dishwasher in particular...
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I bought a large capacity combo fridge freeze not a long while ago and noticed while looking at the seperates that they seemed more pricey as they obviously can't share components.
I would recommend you compare and see if it would be worth comprimising for yourself.
I also suggest you browse the models/brands you want under each catagory and use pricerunner/comparison/froogle sites and see what you can get, it's cumbersome but with such a large shopping list I expect you could save hundreds.
I've been looking at Bosch appliances and the best deals I've found so far has been through lxdirect using the 10% off voucher.

Haven't order though but on price I've yet to have them beaten.


XX494 at lxdirect don't work
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