Kitchen Appliances

    Hi All,

    Hopefully you guys can help.

    Just bought a house and need to kit the kitchen out with appliances.
    I'm looking for the cheapest place to get these guys.
    I'm looking for good brands like Hotpoint, Zanussi etc; ones that last, hopefully.

    1. Dishwasher (12 place)
    2. Dryer (vented or not)
    3. Washing Machine (1200 spin or above)
    4. Fridge Freezer ( 4 shelfs in the freezer and big enough 4 a family of 4 - oh yeah, frost free also)

    Can anyone direct me in the right way !!!


    Rory :thumbsup:

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    I really think your best bet might be Dixons, using combinations of voucher codes from the voucher section.

    This month is 5% cashback on your egg card if you have one, or 3% through quidco if you don't...
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