kitchen ideas please!!

    just about to have my new kitchen fitted. it's a white shaker style from ikea. got solid oak worktops and black range cooker. got to go choose floor tiles tommorow. really don't know what to choose-probably between slate grey, creamy-white or black and white checker board effect. any ideas' please!!!!


    IMO the creamy white colour might look discoloured in contrast to the white kitchen??? So for me it would be between the slate gray ad the black/white...i would prob go for the black and white because it would be a good sharp contrast

    edit: thinking about the cooker been black i would def go for the black and white...the slate colour might look faded again in comparison...

    id go for the slate grey, but doesnt ikea have the planner thing so you can visualise thing but im not sure whether it does it all the way down to flooring.


    ide go for slate grey

    Defo slate grey, timeless and durable classic :o)

    Not keen on the B&W idea - bit outdated I think - I'd go either Greay slate or for a natural stone Black tile that has some white or other colours in it naturally. I have a white gloss kitchen & granite worktops with a natural stone black tile with white veins which looks lovely & doesn't need cleaning every day!

    contrasting or bright colour tiles soon lose the initial wow factor, when i was in flooring I would always say that if your intention is to make changes every year or two (as some do!) then be as exciting as you like but for the normal people among us just keep nice plain natural tones that can be changed and brightened with accessories much more cheaply :thumbsup:

    black and white if it's a large area

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    went for the slate grey in the end-thanks for all your idea's!!
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