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Posted 25th Jul 2020
I am looking to replace my LED tube lights under my kitchen wall units. I was hoping that the set of GOVEE lights I bought(usb connection) would be sufficient, but unfortunately not. They are nowhere near as bright as I need them to be.
Can anyone offer any advice please?

I am also looking to replace my kitchen ceiling light to LED, but it needs to be dimmable...either by switch or by remote. I have spent hours looking for something suitable on the likes of Amazon EBay etc but the main issue is that either they are not dimmable or the wattage is not sufficient.
Any advice would be much appreciated

Thank you
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You can do it like I did with Phillips hue light strips. It’s expensive but in my opinion it’s worth it.

I got the starter strip, and 2 x 1m strips to go around my kitchen cupboards. You can buy parts on amazon that allow you to cut and connect extension cables. So my lights stop just before my washing machine, connect to a small black cable around the washer then reconnect to another light-strip back out the other side.

To be fair there are probably much cheaper and easier ways to do this.
Thanks ReecesWaffle95 for the info,although using Phillips hue strips would work out too expensive
Good flourescent tubes are 3000-3500 lumens per meter.

An efficient LED is maybe 150Lumen/watt so you're looking at around 20W per meter to have the same brightness as flourescent tubes.

USB generally provides 7.5W or less, unless the power supply and light both support the latest USB-PD standard only very short USB strips could give you the brightness you want.

How much total brightness are you after, or how much flourescent tube do you currently use if you're not sure?
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That goes bright and is dimmable using a normal switch. The poor reviews are from those that do not understand how to dim it.
The LED tubes I have at the moment are 284mm which are 5W 360 Lumens. I have 2 linked together on one set of units and the same on another set on the other side of the kitchen. I am looking for replacements which are as bright if not brighter,and ideally which are dimmable. I know I seem to be asking for maybe the impossible at a reasonable price.
For the ceiling light, you probably just need a decent LED fitting, along with a Trailing Edge Dimmer. Normal dimmer switches don’t play well with LED.
Thanks Diggsy, I thought that would be the case. Just struggling to find suitable ceiling fitting which is dimmable now. As it’s for the kitchen I don’t want to pay more than £35
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