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    hey all, i need advice on corian illuminations ice range kitchen worktops! has anyone got them, are they see through? we have had lots of conflicting advice on these from many different companies .
    really really would appreciate any feed back x
    thanks in advance x


    Sorry cannot really help on the specific range you ask about but we have corian worktops, sinks and splashbacks and they are wonderful and worth every penny. They have been in for 5 years and look brand new, are easy to clean and don't mark or stain. I think the illuminations range is see-through enough to let the light through but not enough to see the actual light-fitting.
    Can you not tell from the samples they send out if it is see-through?

    Original Poster

    thanks, well i dont think they look seethrough at all on samples but im just worried that after hearing they "could " be seethrough ! one place said they wud be see through for deffinate and another said would be seethrough with lighting shining from under the top , another said we will just need a finish on the underside then today another said it s rubbish and they will no way be see through unless a direct light is shining from underneath the top!!!!
    i honestly dont realy know what to do x
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