We're bringing her home on Friday, am so excited- pic for you all to coo over!


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    Damn, got excited there.. but no pic yet

    [edit] can see it now - she looks like she's gonna be feisty... but cute still

    aww shes cute, i like her eyes !

    Awwww - she looks like she'll be bringing a few mice home for you before long :-D

    looks like an ewok

    Awww a cute bundle of fluff, she still has blue eyes, how old is she?

    That's really cute..shame they can't stay kitten sized


    looks like an ewok

    OMG i lol'd!!
    I'm not a pussy person, but it does look cute


    Odd looking thing.


    Ewok or Gremlin?

    Why have an ordinary moggy when you can have one like this!

    Looks really cute! am a real sucker for kittens! Brought it home to me a bit the other day, when I had to take our 14 year old cat to the vets! £117. 00 later!

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    Awww a cute bundle of fluff, she still has blue eyes, how old is she?

    She's 7 weeks old, and she is going to be trouble I can tell!


    its the eye's hypnotic lol makes kitten look cute lol

    i want one my mum just got a new kitten but my cat would go mad if i got one

    My OH is annoying the hell outta me for a darn cat, and im allergic. i could use this to get something i want...but that cat could make me ill. And the river is a bit of a trek to dispose of it, if need be :whistling: (that was a jk btw)
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