kittens have now been rehomed thanks for your help x x x


    will you post ;-) ???

    second class is fine just use loads of duck tape ;-)

    Please take off your telephone No.

    and your email to be safe (unless it was just set up for this one function)

    OP...I would defo ask a mod to remove contact details. Should be given via PM. Got any pics of the kittens?

    EDIT: Whoops, that was supposed to be an edit to the above post.

    I would love one of these but a bit too far from london. :thumbsup:

    hi, my other half would love one of these, and i'm only about 40 mins away

    do you have any pics i could show her?

    I have removed your contact details from the beginning of this thread, as it's not a good idea to post them out in the open. I've also moved the thread to Misc as free items (yes, even kittens) aren't to go in FS/FT. Thanks, and good luck with finding a suitable home.


    Please note while Freecycle allows the rehoming of pets, we do ask people to think very carefully about both rehoming and taking in of a pet/animal.

    Please take your time to see all responses to your post, and please make sure that you meet the people and assess their situation (house/family/attitude) before handing over or taking ownership of any pet/animal.

    Please make sure that the family have met the pet/animal before handing it over and that you feel happy about handing it over or accepting it.

    Please do not feel pressured to hand over and/or accept a pet/animal if you feel that it not the one for you/them.

    And please, please remember that when you take on a pet or animal of any kind, that you are taking on not only an emotional commitment to look after a pet/animal properly, to not only feed it and love it but also the financial cost involved in responsible ownership.

    Please also consider using [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    To subscribe, send a blank email to: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL]

    Alternative rehoming sites:


    CatChat has a list of rescues in every area of the UK. If you click on
    either the place name or area on the map, you'll be shown them.

    Sorry hope thats ^^^^^ allowed by mods. Just some (I think) sensible advice we give on freecycle.

    also interested if provide details

    I would have been really interested if i wasn't moving back home, to my dog, lol. I am going to be living really close to west kirby aswell, lol

    Emmy is this still up ? really interested if can have pics etc

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    hi, my other half would love one of these, and i'm only about 40 mins … hi, my other half would love one of these, and i'm only about 40 mins awaydo you have any pics i could show her?

    hi yes still avail they are both boys and only half persian / half ragdoll so dont know about shows
    both parents were pedigree send me a messsage with your email so i can send photos

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    will you post ;-) ???second class is fine just use loads of duck tape ;-)

    dont be silly duck tape is only for posting ducks not kittens!:p
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