kittens? help!!

    Anyone have any kittens? or know anyone who has any in cumbria or the north east?? or even seen any in the local paper? im finding it hard to find one. im looking for a female kitten, thanks


    this might be worth a read, they have some links on that page aswell…tml

    Have you tried Cats protection? They helped us find a kitten that needed a home within about a week or two of us calling them. ]http//ww…uk/

    Its always best to try and rehome than to just buy from some random in the paper, plus you get a neutering voucher free with the cat so you wont end up with loads of kittens that need to be rehomed!

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    ive tried the cat protection, rspca kittens anywhere...

    sharon ill have a look thanks

    Kittens have pretty much disappeared of the face of the earth at the moment, I know loads of people who are really struggling to find kittens or even older cats for sale.

    Keep trying rescue centres and newspaper ads. Its a pain having to wait when you have a good home waiting but its worth it in the end.

    Goto your local chinese takeaway! :w00t: :giggle:

    Only kidding!! Im afraid I can't help you...sorry

    Its just coming up to 'kitten' season...usually around Easter time...don't know why, but it seems that way.
    They are a bit rarer to get hold of now though as so many people spey and castrate nowadays.

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    got one guys/gals picking it up on cute???

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    having to go 70 miles away for it...but its so worth it...ive bought EVERYTHING already lol bed, litter tray, blankets, toys.

    it is on felix kitten food....anyone know how long i stay on that for before changing? and anyone have any recommendations on food?

    also what is that wiskers milk like? anyone recommend it?

    thanks for any info

    Aww sooooooooo cute!!!

    Kittens eat loads lol,I would recommend that you try and feed him dry food as well,it is better for their teeth,soft food can cause them teeth problems in the future(one of mine had to have 9 teeth out,poor thing!)

    When I used cat litter(don't now,they are trained to go outside) I found that catsan,whilst not the cheapest,is one of the best cat litters to mask odours.

    Just give him plenty of strokes, love and cuddles and make sure he is 'done' at 6 months and you shall have a wonderful life together:)

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    its a girl....when does she need 'done'? 6 month too?

    also they need a jab at 9 weeks?

    obviously ill register her at the vets soon as poss and get all the info off them too. but i like to be prepared lol.

    she will be well loved, i love her already her eyes are sooo pretty

    Yes,around 6 months for either sex,although it seems they are in short supply,there are still too many unwanted kittens,so best get her speyed as soon as is needed.:)

    As for jabs....take the vets advice.I personally don't have mine jabbed for cat flu,but some do.For 3 cats it gets expensive,and so far no problems(mine are 13years,12 and 9).

    Also when she is a bit older,I recommend you use frontline for the inevitable flea issue.It is not cheap but it works,I think you can get it over the internet now,not just from the vet.

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    i havent seen any in the rescue places or in my papers..i got mine from ad trader lol...of all places. closest kittens to me were 60 miles away. im only allowed one in my flat (should be none but i twisted landlords arm lol) or id probably have loads lol

    frontline is good I would defo recommend it.

    I prefer to feed a dry diet (saying that my current 3 are on wet and dry mix) Wet food is 80% water so they need to eat more to get the nutrients they need, therefore even a good quality dry food would work out cheaper and better for her in the long run when shes older, but if shes a wet food lover maybe try what I do and introduce a mix. Also you may find it better to do smaller meals all throughout the day instead of one big meal, but yet again this is your choice.

    As for the whiskers milk I don't feed it, they don't need it and she'll be perfectly happy without it, I find they are more marketed towards owners who feel they should be giving their cats dairy products and the whiskas is definatley better for her, but they don't need it. Its the same with dog chocolate, its really justfor people that feel the pet is missing out but holds no nutritonal value.

    Not sure if the name is right but try Dentabixs (something like that they come in a tube and are made by felix or whiskas) yet again doubt they help teeth on a cat who eats dry food anyway but one of my guys goes wild for them.

    Keep old cardboard boxes as well, if introduced to kittens for some reason a lot think they are the best toy in the world and will grow up thinking this, The hours of fun I've seen cats have with a bit of cardboard is hillarious and its free as you just use any old box lying around.

    Whatever you do, have fun and hope she has a happy healthy long life
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