Kittens & Hepititis

    Has anyone ever had any experience of a kitten with Hepititis?

    Unfortunately, our 6 month old kitten started being ill with sickness/diarrhea symptoms last night.

    We contacted the emergency vet, and he asked what he was like, which at the time, he was his usual self apart from the sickness/diarrhea. He advised us to keep an eye on him and phone if he deteriated.

    He was ok in himself, so we left it to get an appointment today.

    We phoned this morning as he was still having problems and more lethargic (which is understandable after being sick etc) and got an appointment for this afternoon.

    This afternoon he just deteriated pretty much instantly and flaked out in the litter tray, not responsive and limp (but still breathing etc).

    I've sped him over to the vets and they are now stabalising him (his heart stopped and he stopped breathing, but they've got his heart going again and have said it is a stronger heart beat than before, but his breathing isn't so regular and he is on oxygen).

    It's touch and go, but I have been looking over the web to see if any other stories similar have occurred. All I can find is that an issue with the liver doesn't cause illness until it is in very advanced stages of their being a problem.

    Have any of you had any experience of liver problems on a cat?


    no sorry i havent but i just want to wish your cat well,heeres hoping he/she pulls through and is ok x

    poor kitty, hope he'll be okay x

    You do not notice signs of Liver malfunction, until latter stages. I wish your cat all the luck in the world. Vomitting and diarrhoea is enough of a hardship for a 6 week old kitten to get over, let alone Hepatitis. Good luck.

    awww, i don't know anything but I hope your kitten pulls through.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice and well wishes. Unfortunately our vet couldn't keep him resustated and was advised he'd be brain damaged, he hasn't made it.

    Awww sory for your loss but as lulu said the sickenss is alot for a little kitten

    I think its for the best, you would always be at the vet and if you have kids it would be a long heartbreaking episode. The kitten was probably the runt and so was not well from the start......I used to breed dogs and if you get a sickly one its kinder to have it put down as it causes heartache all round (i'm not talking a little bit weak, i've had ones born with tumours etc). Put it behind you and start again, you did your best and hope you are not too much in debt over it all, I know how expensive emergency treatment can be. Hugs to you all.

    So sorry *hugs*

    oh bless you, my mums a cat breeder and its amazing how quickly kittens can get poorly, rest assured you did everything you could. x

    i bought a kitten and on the way home she did a poo which stank - i didnt think much of it but rang my vets the following morning because when i had checked her out she was full of fleas - i arranged to go to the vet after work but received a call from my husband in the afternoon to say he had tried to feed the kitten but she just flopped her head in the plate and hdn't moved i rang the vet and was told to get her straight there - on checking the vet found out she had panalukapania which is cat flu - and because she was so full of fleas who were draining her blood she was very ill - my vet looked after her but warned me she wasn't expected to last overnight - my vet even took her home with her to care for her - after 4 days we got her back and even though she was pulling through it we were told that she needed to be looked after very well - we only fed her on boiled fresh chicken and water the vet warned us that she still may not last - i actually rang the person i bought the kitten from and told her what the vet had said and all she said to me was "don't think im giving you your £ 80 back" - i told her that i wasnt ringing for a refund i was actually ringing to let her know that hte kitten was very ill and had probably contracted the disease at her home and that i was only ringing to warn her so that she got her other animals checked out - she then said "there's nothing wrong with my animals you aint getting a refund" and hung up the phone - she did pull through

    sorry that your cat didnt make it browni such a short wee life
    Snuttyang, your cat sounds like a little fighter, you had a good vet taking her home etc, cant believe breeders can get away with things like that, putting a wee kitten in such danger, all her cats must have had fleas if yours was covered in them - discrace!! xx
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