KLM Flights (One-way vs Return)

Found 24th Jan

I've come across an odd situation - I'm looking to go to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks with my wife. Due to the flight times we need - I'm going out with Easyjet and coming back KLM; now on to the oddity.

When booking a one-way flight home with KLM it says the fare ios ~200 Euro each, however, if I select a return flight and select the outbound flight from Amsterdam > EDI on the day I want to come home, they offer a return flight for [b]0 Euro[/b]!?!? so the fare is 108 Euro each... effectively half the price.

Is there some catch... or legality I'm missing? If I just "don't check in" for the return flight or "miss" the return flight is that ok??
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Nope, that will be fine. I used to be a corporate travel agent and it's a well known trick in the industry. As long as you use your 'outbound' portion of your KLM ticket you just don't turn up for the 'return'. Have fun in Amsterdam!
I have done it many times, as long as you take the flight out its not a problem
I never knew this, learn something new everyday!
Never knew that will check out in the future when going abroad
I can confirm - I booked and flew without so much as a call / email to wonder why I never checked in for my "return" flight.
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