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so, was a runner for many years, nothing major, around 6 miles a week in 2 sessions when I packed it in. never once had a knee problem until I switched to walking, brisk pace, every day for 2-3 miles. now I get knee pain but only at rest and particularly when I wake up and try to move my legs, any ideas?


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to walk?

Try this…T7Y
I used the magnetic head band when I spent 18 hours on a train in India and got off the train as though I had been on a boat and 15 mins with the magnetic head band on I was ok.


Old age or you're not walking right. Check your shoes are right i.e. right width and arch. I found that in the last 5 years the average shoe has got narrower.

Switch back to running ?
Your knee be all like

I wanna run man!


Green lipped muscle gel...


iv got knee pain too, my knees seem very soft. apparently I have inflammation and been told to have co- codomal or ibuprofen.
also try a hot water bottle or ice. go to doctors

If it doesn't improve with rest and ibuprofen then it could be Osteoarthritis, which is common runner's ailment especially if you used to run on hard surfaces. If you get a click or the knee kind of jams up sometimes it could be damage to the cartilage, which can be a relatively easy surgical fix. Either way, only an MRI scan will tell for certain. If you do end up having surgery, make certain you have a proficient surgeon (not someone who does general osteo work) as knees can be very tricky to repair properly.
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Have you got flat feet (fallen arches)? If you have and you've done years of running then that could be the cause of your knee problems. Flat feet can seriously damage your knees if putting a lot of weight on to them. I've done years of sports but now I too have really bad knees because of my flat feet.

Go or physio you could have a small piece of cartledge floating about.
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