Kneeling chairs

Found 10th Jan 2008
Does anyone know where the best place to buy one is?

I would rather buy offline.

If you have one are they any good?

If you haven't heard of them:
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Argos have one for £49.99


Edit: Welcome to HUKD Tony!
Staples sell one model, I think argos also sell them.
I bought the Coccyx Relief Chair from here last year:
Didn't get on with it at all!
Seemed fine at first and was okay for short periods, but after a while it began to put pressure on the knees and shins and no amount of adjusting made it any better. It is also annoying if you are getting up and down from your chair all the time - much prefer a good swivel chair.
Hope you get on better than I did.

I'm planning on switching between the my swivel chair and the kneeling chair.
I think I will get it from Argos as it's easy to return if it's ****.
I used a kneeling chair at work for many years, it was very comfortable and excellent for
back problems. When i left, there was a scramble for who got the chair next!
I would say though, you would be much better off spending a little more on a decent chair
from a good office supplier and to try each model out to find one that suits you.
Blimey they are always for sale at my local jumble sales. £3 . Wood framed.
I personally love the Putnams kneeling chair, its great in memory foam (the one i have) although I haven't tried the standard one.
I also bought one (non branded) from a jumble sale before and its fell apart as soon as I took it home damaging my knee. Recommend a well made one like Putnams
Only 8 year since my OP!

I didn't get on with the cheap one I bought but I do like to change my chair at work a lot. I might get one of them in I'm sure someone will like it if I don't.

Thanks for the suggestion Pete.
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