Knife amnesty

    Some of the weapons to be destroyed by the Metropolitan Police.…jpg

    Most of them are Kitchen knifes. Why have they been handed over?


    Do you think it's just a token gesture by handing them in?

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    Dont know Ray. Thought that the Knife amnesty is to handover lethal knives. But these Kitchen knifes left in the Police station puzzles me.

    That's what I mean, they can just go back home for another one, makes it all a bit silly really...

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    Looks like it is an offence to have a Kitchen knife at home :x

    Could be people who don't like having knives around the house giving them to the police to dispose of, or you never know - could be girlfriends and the like taking their boyfriends knives in too.

    Knife amnesty? Yeah, right...
    What about the next step? Machine gun amnesty? Tank amnesty? Anti-aircraft missiles amnesty?

    This government also proposing amnesty for asylum seekers who failed and then decided to stay here anyway. That'll be even more interesting.

    OK, I'll stop my rants before Amnesty International would accuse me of being intolerant, racist and right-winger.

    Someone called Darth handed this in:

    what happens if you get caught on the way to the police station with a massive knife on your person !?... 'i was just going to hand it in guv !'..... yeah right, you're nicked son !

    don't you think the media could be the blame for this knife craze. the excessive amounts of murders shown on the news make people feel its necessary to carry knives to ensure them of security.

    fair enough a gun amnesty but a knife one, its not like knives are hard to get your hands on, they may aswell stop the sale of knives and start selling plastic ones.

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    This was also handed over during Knife Amnesty :shock:
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