Knives! What brands of kitchen knives are ?

Posted 12th Jan 2023 (Posted 19 h, 10 m ago)
What decently priced brand knives are good value for everyday usage?
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    Gah, lost my message as I was sending. Retyping in shorthand:

    If you want cheap and cheerful, try ProCook or Sabatier and just make sure you are sharpening them frequently - these are frequently available in TK Maxx etc.

    Mid-range quality that will last a good while: Wusthof / Victorinox / ProCook Professional / Global

    High End: TOG / Kai Shun / IO Shen / Misono

    In terms of v cheap but well regarded, I have heard good things about kitchen world, but never used them myself:…2D8

    They look very nice for the price.

    I personally think best bang for buck is Wusthof but as long as you aren't doing heavy bone work or things that require ultra finesse and control, most knives are fine as long as they're regularly sharpened. I have a range of knives from £1 up to about £250 for my best one, and I use my £15 Sabatier as much as I do anything else.
    Amazing, thanks for a fantastic response.

    I purposefully didn't mention price ranges as what's affordable to one person is not to another. Some decent researching for me to do.

    Thanks again!
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    My sabatier is my go to knife for most things. I don't sharpen it personally, I take it to my butcher.
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    Zyliss has always been my go-to brand for knives, and even a fair few other kitchen tools like can openers, peelers, graters etc.

    They’ve always felt good quality, last a long time, and pricing seemed reasonable.
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    we have richardson sheffield knives that have serated laser cut edges. i can't seem to see these sort of knive edges any more on richardson sheffield knives. i find the laser cut serated edges keep the knives sharp over the years.
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    Thanks windy I can see it
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    Zyliss for me. The green, purple and white ones. During lockdown couldn't get them for some reason so even paid a £15 premium to get ones I know are good. Last set lasted me 6years before the plastic rubber moulded handle had some flaking which annoyed me hence replaced. White one is my newest had for a year not needed to sharpen as stil cuts perfect. It's personal opinion, but these are well balanced, not heavy, not stupid price etc. Don't know about the other sets they do but definitely the multicoloured are good.