Know where I could ALLI for cheap from ?

Found 1st Jun 2009

Does anybody know where I could get alli slimming capsules from ? has anybody used them, have the results been good, please advise, I was at Holland & Barrots yesterday, they had a lot of weight reduction capsules on sale, I did'nt know if they were as good as alli
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sainsburys sell them I've heard they are very good,cost around £50
Here you get 170 tablets For £71.99

2vitamins.com/det…lli - Weight Loss - 170ct
i would recommend you go to your local boots or Lloyds pharmacy and ask for a consultation. They offer this service for free. Ask them to explain exactly how these tablets work. My mum and dad both used similar products, but were not given proper advice, so did not understand how to avoid the unpleasant side effects.
hope it works for you.
you can go to the dr's and ask to be put on weight control pills xenacol the very same product as Alli but stronger than these over the cunter ones
beware their cause you to leak oil on to yr pants when ever with no control so use a liner in case but when you come off these you regain the weight i was on them lose 3st 8 lb but put the weight back on so just cutting down without the aid of these
good luck regards christine
Not heard anything positive about them! Reductil is a prescription pill and if your BMI is high and you can tell your doctor you have tried weight loss and exercise programmes to no avail and would like to try this they should offer it to you. Best of luck - Debs
tesco had them at 20.00 intstead of 39.99
thanks all for your replies, I went into ASDA yesterday, they were selling it for £45 for 82 tablets, but the lady would'nt sell it to me, she said she'd have to do a BMI test and stuff, so tesco seems the cheapest at the moment, £20 is for 40 tablets is it ?
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