KNOWHOW Cloud Storage - Anyone use it ?

Found 11th Nov 2012

Does anyone use KNOWHOW Cloud Storage ?

Im looking for the 1TB option and trying to decide to purchase if for £40 for 12 months or £150 for 5 years, (plus a 20% discount this weekend)

Does anyone know if you can upgrade the storage at any time or is it a static amount ?

Can anyone confirm who host's the storage solution ?

Is this the best value for money based on the cost and term ?

Is the software any good ? Do you get a decent upload speed ? ( if not throttled by ISP ? )

Is this the best solution to store upto 1TB of data without going to the extreme of RAID, multiple off site drives etc...

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KNOWHOW is run by DSG (currys, pcw etc) and administered by LIVEDRIVE
in which case, this may be a better option although cant confirm the validity of the site (trusteer didnt flag it)…tml
Will dsg still exist in 5 years?
For £150, buy a router with USB storage expansion slots and an external hard drive.
Install it all at a friend/relatives house and use that as offsite storage

Know how as stated is DSG based so will they be here in 5 years? Even though they don't host will your 5 year deal be valid if they fold.
what are you going to be using it for as there may be better options..

what are you going to be using it for as there may be better options..

storing 600gb of photos oO
I purchased this when buying a new laptop from Dixons. I didn't really need it - got persuaded and seemed good value. is soooooo slow to upload to. I have a potential upload speed of 6-8Mb/sec here whilst the upload speed to their server maxes out at 1.1Mb and most 500/800k. So my first backup of 200Gb odd has taken over a week and is still going. It also uses huge processing power etc. (I have the latest top-of-range MacBook Pro!). I suppose you gets what you pays for!
I can second that the upload speed is horrendous, it took us almost a month to upload our content ( can't remember exact amount but it wasn't a lot) so never bothered renewing it after 12 months just carried on using external hard drive.
external hard drive the way forward. don't waste your money on them sites theyl just start charging you more and more over time.
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