Knowhow currys water damaged laptop

Posted 17th Sep
does knowhow cover accidental water/ coffee damage ???

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Yes they do, one of my friends spilled a cup of tea and her laptop once, she called me so upset asking if I could fix it, which strangely enough I did after a good dry out, but eventually she had to give in to buying a new one as all the keys were sticky and some just didn't work at all, its easy done, only this morning I almost knocked my coffee into my PC.
if they dont then house contents insurance might.
some modern laptops (like some lenovo models) have drip trays below the keyboard itself to prevent leakage to the motherboard. I once saw an engineer take a desktop keyboard that had coffee spilled on it - he dismantled it, ran it under the hot tap for a few minutes, thoroughly dried it including use of a hair dryer, put it back together within 30 minutes and it was fine.
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