Knowledge Seeking: HTC Touch2 and WM6.5


    Recently got the touch2 for the misses. are there any dedicated websites/forums which can find good info (downloads/hack's/rooting/ etc) on the touch2 and/or windows mobile 6.5? Windows market place is nothing compared to android market unfortunately..

    I've tried google but it was rather vague.. too many adverts/moneymaking not enough quality context of apps/info.. not as easy to find as android stuff..

    Many thanks for help! rep and waiting..!


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    I've got CleanRAM, and couple of simple games for her atm.

    Not really finding any useful apps or hacks to the phone.. tho i like the 'use phone as modem' set-up pre-installed, havent tried it tho. Took me AGES to find that on the G2..!

    Google "XDA Developers" and visit that site - the forums there have tons of useful info, all arranged by phone model. P155ing around with WinMo is not always easy - that site has loads of registry editors with nice UIs that are great, but a lot of it requires tech knowledge and patience!!!

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    Thanks guys, will have a stab at those for now, but yes, WM seems a little harder to fiddle with in terms of custom improvements.

    atm tho the phone seems alright if anyone was wondering, general spec of the phone is ok, camera is nothing to speak of but the OS makes it feel alot more sophisticated and useable.. poormans G2? heh :-D ..

    this site is brilliant and you get a lot of help from users

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    shanz172000;7858693 site is brilliant and you get a lot of help … site is brilliant and you get a lot of help from users

    Lol! brill i used that for my g2 but never clicked that it has winmo too.. :oops: thankss, gonna recheck all my g2 links now............... :thinking:
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