Kodak All in one printer New print head

Found 18th Dec 2013
After two year constant use the print head went on my Kodak ESP 5250 all in one printer. Having tried to clean it myself without any success I looked online the cheapest new head was £31 from Amazon.
I bit the bullet and phoned Kodak using their expensive 0870 number after all the alternative numbers offered on the usually excelant web site SAYNOT0870.com didn't work. After a 10 min phone call at 16p a minute I was given a free printhead even though the printer was out of warranty. He told me at the begining of the call it would be free if I would answer a few questions about the problem.
Hope this is of some help to other Kodak printer users.
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I also had excellent customer service from Kodak.

Had a 3250 breakdown out of warranty. They sent me 2 print heads and a set of cartridges. Failed to fix the problem so they sent me a new printer and told me to keep the print heads and cartridges.
Thanks so much for this. By pure coincidence I am right now having difficulties with my kodak printhead and was thinking id have to pick one up on ebay. Will give this a go.
Had 2 kodak printers. Both had print head failures within a year. Seems a common problem.
Just got one for free, apparently it's free now "until stocks last"

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