Kodak Digital Camera & Printer Dock

    Hi, first post so feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm in the worng place.

    I'm going to buy the Kodak camera and printer for £149.99 ... current thinking is to go via a link at (for 1% cashback) and order a few extra bits like memory card, bag and paper to take the total order to slightly over £200. Then key the DIXONS20 code to save £20.

    Anyone got a better suggestion?

    If you want to join Greasypalm let me know and I'll recommend you - then I get a £7 incentive too! Cheers.


    Welcome to HUKD opions4u

    What are the model numbers of the Kodak items?

    I believe he is reffering to : THIS OFFER - CLICK HERE

    (From Forum Post @ HotUKDeals Forum Post

    mod edit: had to make the link shorter as it didn't wrap within the page - Thanks though!

    Sorry, that looks like the best deal via Dixons to me.

    tho as a 7310 id assume the 7330 is better... (Manual Greasypalm cash back)

    (nothing more than.. maybe.. £3 here

    Few @ Dabs (Not the 7310) -- higher cashback with Greasypalm i think
    no codes tho

    Just cameras tho. Im half asleep so may have missed something but assuming the pritner dock is pretty good make may be the best deal.. still out of stock tho!
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