Kodak ZX1 - How?

    How do i delete videos anyone?

    Manual says press delete button, i do and NADA, NOTHING.

    This is doing my nut. Please save me.


    are you viewing your videos back on the camera? if your trying to delete while in photo it wont do anything. once you are viewing the videos then there should be the option to delete or a lilttle dustbin icon and then it should allow you to do it.

    I dont have the camera but this is how it works on pretty much every digital camera


    thought u said photos to have changed it for videos should be the same effect

    You've tried this (below) or tried deleting through the remote ??

    edit... As numpty has pointed out whilst I was posting

    page 12 has some info also unless that is the manual you have?…pdf

    As an addition and if you have nothing else on the card you want to keep then you could format the card ?

    Actually thinking about it I never use any camera's delete function because it runs down the battery or whatever, just delete the files through your PC or Laptop if you have a card reader or slot ??

    Original Poster

    ok thanks for the suggestions but i finally figured it out.

    I have to press delete, then up and then record. Clever camera in that i have to press reccord to delete and not press delete to delete.

    Thats like the clever bods at microsoft who decided that to turn off our pc's we would all have to click start.
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