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Hi all,
Was considering trying to install Kodi on Xbox one this weekend.
There is a sporting event I'd like to watch on Saturday night.
Any advice from anyone using Kodi on Xbox one, maybe they could PM me with any reliable add-ons for such events?
I see that there are many and I'm not sure where to start. I assume lots of the streams becomere over subscribed during busy times

Many thanks!
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I've tried kodi on Xbox several times and it's not great as it's a beta version, many add ons dont work. get an android box or install on your pc.
Think kodi altogether Isn’t like it used to be. Get a decent iptv
I googled best repo for kodi, they work good and give instructions how to set up
Dont waste your time trying to watch popular sports events on kodi unless you have a paid subscription or dont mind constant buffering and low resolution
True what chocci says kodi just buffers all time now it’s a waste of time. Best thing to do is pay for a decent iptv. The cheap ones are no good
Original Poster
Thanks for the replies all.
Sounds like more trouble than it's worth .

I assume there no android apps that are any better than the Kodi options.

Not bothered enough to to pay for an IPTV server and probably too late now anyway. I already pay for a VOD ( moveis &TV) server, but doesn't do live stuff
Not really everything that’s free everyone jumps on and crashes the servers hence the buffering. I got iptv with a good vod for £80 off eBay. But never buffers on anything and is always working. My mate paid £30 just for iptv and it’s crap he’s can’t even get the 3pm matches without it buffering every 2 mins. My advice is if you where to go down that root is the people selling it will give you a free 24 hr trial usually. I tried about 6 before I got mine. I could tell that one was far better than all others
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